Hydro, hydro, hydro.

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown couldn’t have been more clear on what topic he’s heard the most frequently on his trip to Northern Ontario.

As part of his 2nd Annual “Northern Driving Tour”, he and other PC MPP’s made a stop in Timmins to talk with residents and business leaders.

Many around the table had energy rates racing through their minds, and the same can be said for Brown.

On the sale of Hydro One, Brown calls it reckless and shortsighted.

“We’re going to lose a precious revenue source for the government,” he told the room at College Boreal, “But also, we’re going to lose future control of rate increases and frankly, things like building transmission lines that are for the public good of Northern Ontario will be abandoned by a company that doesn’t have that same obligation.”

Brown also discussed the Green Energy Act and salaries of some of the higher ups at Hydro One.

Hydro One’s CEO earns a base salary of $850,000 and can be as high as $4-million dollars with bonuses.  Their Quebec and British Columbia counterparts each earn $400,000.

Brown talked about how he questioned Premier Kathleen Wynne on this and the response was “That’s what they pay in Corporate America.”

He responded: “Give me a break, this government is out for lunch.  I don’t believe that’s what they pay in Corporate America, that’s not what they pay in Canada…Why do we have to pay 10 times the amount to work for this government?”

The thing is, many people can complain about this, but it’s more productive to find a solution.  Brown says he’s got a slew of solutions in mind if he were to become Premier.

“I would stop the fire sale of Hydro One, I would scrap the Green Energy Act, I’d look at existing contracts to look at any legal costs associated with excess surplus in LRP 1 and we would reign in exorbitant executive salaries.”

Other topics included education, health care and the Ring of Fire.

And the visit is just in time for Queen’s Park to resume sitting this coming Tuesday.

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