Don’t forget Spring Cleanup starts Tuesday, May 23!

The cleanup will run from Tuesday, May 23 to Friday, June 2, and during this time, residential tipping fees will also be waived at the Deloro Landfill. A full collection schedule has been posted to the City’s website (, and residents are to have their material at the curb no more than two days prior to their scheduled collection day.

The volume of material to be collected per residence is limited to no more than half a standard half ton pick-up truck or approximately 60 cubic feet (4 feet wide, by 8 feet long and 2 feet high), and may not contain the following items:

  • Concrete and asphalt (can be disposed of at Deloro Landfill)
  • Batteries of any type (can be disposed of during Hazardous Waste Day, June 17, 2017 at the Archie Dillon Sportsplex)
  • Tires (can be disposed of at Deloro Landfill)
  • Electronics (can be disposed of at the Deloro Landfill and/or Hazardous Waste Day)
  • Propane tanks (can be disposed of during Hazardous Waste Day)
  • White goods or items that contain Freon (can be disposed of through private recycling firms)
  • Recyclables (can be disposed of at Deloro Landfill, Tisdale Transfer Site and German Township Landfill)
  • Paints/liquids/fuels/chemicals (can be disposed of during Hazardous Waste Day)
  • Mattresses or Box Springs that are not securely wrapped in plastic (can be disposed of at Deloro Landfill)

Leaves and yard waste are acceptable in compostable bags. Please do not bag in regular plastic bags. Separate clean wood is acceptable in a separate pile from the rest of the Spring Cleanup material. Material not in compliance with the guidelines will not be collected, and the resident will be required to remove such material from the street within 48 hours.

Any containers (such as cans and recycling boxes) left with the waste will be collected; therefore, do not put out containers with the Spring Cleanup Pile unless you want to get rid of the container.

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