school supplies - chalk

A special shipment of school supplies has arrived at reserve of Kashechewan to help students get ahead. Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus says the idea for getting backpacks full of pens, papers and school supplies came from a note he received from a teacher in the community looking for help for the students in her class.

Canadians take for granted students go to schools fully equipped with supplies needed for learning. But this is not the case for students on reserve. We have great students who have enormous potential but it’s pretty hard to feel excited about school when you’re lacking access to pencils, papers and other basics.”

Angus contacted the volunteer group True North Aid who immediately took on the project. They worked with another humanitarian group called Sew on Fire to fill the backpacks for the hundreds of students in Kashechewan. Transportation of the back packs was supplied by the trucking firm Northland Transport and by air through Air Creebec.


Angus says these groups have done a great thing for northern students.


“We need to be encouraging First Nation students to be proud of going to school. As a result of chronic underfunding, the students of Kash lack a proper grade school. I am so pleased to see these organizations step up to the plate to help.”