AngusCharlie_NDPThe New Democrats have scored a substantial victory for veterans’ rights through a motion in the House of Commons.

The Conservative government has been repeatedly fighting veterans in court over pensions and health benefits. The Harper government claims that the government does not owe a moral obligation to returning vets.

New Democrats put the issue to Parliament resulting in a resounding declaration that the federal government does indeed have a moral, social, legal and fiduciary obligation to the women and men who courageously serve our country.

Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus says his implicit social covenant includes the obligation for providing the financial compensation and support services to past and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have been injured or disabled, and to families of soldiers who have died in service.

“The repeated mistreatment of our veterans by this Conservative government has become an embarrassment to Canadians. As New Democrats we are proud to have stood up for our Veterans who stood up for us, and we hope this is a sign of a new attitude towards Veterans by this Conservative government.”

Following years of Conservative failures for veterans, last night’s commitment by Parliament is overdue. The Conservatives must change their approach to ensure that the government honours its commitment to take care of veterans and their families instead of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in court denying their obligation.

“The NDP is committed to delivering this covenant for Veterans. We are pleased that all parties supported our motion to guarantee the rights and dignity of veterans. New Democrats  will continue to defend veterans’ rights.”