MONEYA good deed can go a long way.

That was one of the messages coming out of the Timmins Police Services Board meeting, after telling a story of a local resident who found some money on the street.

They say a local—who was not identified—found $100 on the ground on Third Avenue around three months ago.  But instead of pocketing it, the individual brought the cash to Timmins Police headquarters to turn it in.

“I think this is a tremendous example of more than honesty,” said board member Mike Doody.

“The person should be really commended because finding some money, not knowing who (it belongs to) and come here and turn it in…is a tremendous example, especially to young people.”

He added that it was a nice gesture, that is often not seen.

The Police Services Board says nobody came to claim the cash and after three months, the money should go to the person who found it.