hollinger park forumWhether it’s building something or preserving a piece of local history, plenty of ideas are out there on what to do with Hollinger Park.

The city recently held a public forum for people to present what they thought should be done.

One suggested keeping and refurbishing the baseball grandstands, others think there could be more trees and some are even thinking outside the box, like CAO Joe Torlone.

He came up with an idea to shift the parking lot from the current location, and have it where the soccer fields are now.

Another thought is to put in a skateboard park.

We can spitball ideas on here all night, and of course nothing is set in stone, but the common theme is that all ideas are being looked at and considered in a final report.

Director of Development Mark Jensen says they plan on looking at it all, and putting together a costing plan for the next few years.