council group pictureNearly $40,000 in donations is being voted on during Monday’s city council meeting.

Council is also voting on possibly changing donation funding to local organization and to finalizing their deal with N-E-S to sort recycling locally.

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Marks, Rinaldo and Dubeau are not present, just making quorum to run tonight’s meeting.

We start off with a zoning amendment for 225 Elm Street South from Steve Morin.

This is to turn a former church into a three-unit residence.

Nobody here to speak in favour or against this development and will come back at a future meeting.

Bamford wants to ask if a building permit has been issued, as it would be upsetting if work has been done yet.

He also asks about parking.

This will all come back in a report.


Next is a presentation on the Northern Ontario Expo, with a few Klingons in attendance.

Jason Denis says after last week’s meeting, he wanted to clear up some things.

CLICK HERE to see the full presentation.

They are looking to get council to waive the rental fees for the Sportsplex, which is just under $4,300.

Denis says last week, certain council members acted “unprofessionally” and that this could affect the Expo as a whole.

Black apologizes on behalf of council, citing he received emails and phone calls after last week.

Campbell says last week, he knew little on what the Expo was about and that no malice was involved whatsoever.

Bamford says council has depleted much of the Grants to Organizations account for 2016, and doesn’t think council can keep going at the rate they’re currently going.

Black says this is the type of event they built the Grants account for, adding this event will be great for the demographic.

Black will support this, but the vote will come later tonight.


Downtown BIA has some new board members, decided at their last meeting.


OHF Peewee AA Championship is up next.

Black comments on the host team taking home the championship this past weekend.

The request is to reduce ice rental rates, and is passed.


Next donation request is for the Sportsman Show and Craft Show.

Council passes the request.


The Cancer Society is up next for a donation request for the Relay for Life.

It is passed too.


Timmins Festivals and Events Committee request for use of a number of items on July 22-24 totalling just over $19,000.

It is passed.


Now for the Northern Ontario Expo request from earlier.

Council amends the amount from $2,147 to $4,294.  Council passes it, and everyone in the crowd applauds.


Now to an agreement and Multisector Accountability Agreement with the Golden Manor, as well as the Northeast LHIN.

CLICK HERE for more on the agreement.

Bamford wonders if these agreements have come up beforehand.

This will come back later.


Next is the hiring of two full-time employees in Public Utilities.

Doody, Grzela, Bamford and Black vote in favour, and it’s passed.


Membership fees for Cochrane District Social Planning Council is passed.



Deeming by-law for 543 Cedar Street South is passed.

Levy special charge for BIA for 2016 is passed.

Establishing a Board of Management for the BIA is passed.

Agreement with NES for recycling contract is passed.

Agreement with NISG for Spring Clean up is passed (Wawrzaszek votes against this.)

Agreement with Drain-All Ltd for Hazardous and Special Waste Day is passed.

Agreement with NES for collecting recyclables at multi-residential facilities is passed.

Agreement with Northeast LHIN for Accountability Agreement with Golden Manor is passed.

Multi-sector service Accountability Agreement between Golden Manor and Northeast LHIN is passed.