council group pictureCouncil is set to meet for a special Wednesday night meeting.

On the docket are local gas prices and a proposal by Centre Culturel La Ronde to temporarily use an older school for their activities.

Also, council will look to pass an agreement with the MTO for this year’s Connecting Link construction near South Porcupine.

Catch it all with our council live blog, starting at 6:00pm.

(Keep refreshing the page as the night goes along for updates!)

For the first time in a few meetings, we got a full council compliment tonight.

First up is a funding application from the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge towards the NOHFC.

CAO Joe Torlone says this is a usual application they send out every year for the August event.

Everyone votes in favour of it.

The request is for $15,000.  Read the application HERE.


Next is one on regulating gas prices across Ontario.

This is back from last week, but this time it is modified so the wording is something all cities across the province can agree to.

CLICK HERE to read the request, and 2016 gas price comparisons across Ontario.

Grzela says it needs to be fair across the board, adding it’s not that complicated.  He cites examples from Windsor and North Bay.

Windsor was at 74.2 cents on March 7th, while North Bay was at 90 cents.  With travel costs, sure, that makes sense.

Fast forward a month later, and Windsor’s pumps sat at 92.5 cents while North Bay was slightly cheaper at 87.9 cents.

All council votes in favour of resolution.


Now to a zoning amendment for 635 Government Road.

No questions and this will come for approval next week.


Temporary use by-law for Centre Culturel LaRonde.

Again, no questions and will come back.


Zoning amendment for Timberlock Inc.  No questions.



Lifting a holding provision on 41 Jaguar Road is passed.

Site servicing agreement for Shirley Street development is passed.

Agreement with Vianet for Internet connectivity is passed.

Agreement with Northern Telephone for city local and long distance phone services is passed.

Agreement with Vianet for Primary Rate Interface is passed.

Agreement with MTO on the Connecting Link Agreement, to reconstruct Highway 101 East as 2016 portion of 10-year plan is passed.

Extension agreement for Dr. Auger Secondment is passed.

Zoning amendment for 120 Kent Avenue, to turn it into Centre Culturel LaRonde temporarily is passed.