It’s no secret that the proposed Aquatic Centre for Timmins has many supporters—and detractors.

Many of the detractors look at the $40-million dollar plus price tag that could be coming along with it, not to mention how Timmins would have to spend over 80% of the bill with debentures and donations.

Despite this, council has passed several motions to move this project forward…to a point where we could see shovels hit the ground sooner than you think.

Councillor Rick Dubeau is one of those detractors, who believes the city can’t simply take on the financial burden with many multi-million dollar initiatives already on their ledger (Stars and Thunder festival, Connecting Link, etc.).

On Monday, he put forth a motion to add to an RFP the cost of upgrading or renovating the current Sportsplex.

He says many of the contents and equipment are still in working order and it could work out to be cheaper than building new.

Dubeau adds the original idea was to split the cost three ways with the three levels of government.  But the resolution that was passed only shows a proposed $5-million dollar grant from the province.

In response, Mayor Steve Black cited emails from Sierra Planning’s Jonathan Hack.  In them, the message is cut and dry: renovating the current building isn’t an option.

Hack’s email also cited the mechanical electrical systems currently in place and that there are more activities being added into the RFP from Mayor Black’s previous presentation.

Black says looking at the other option wouldn’t be cost effective either, as the city would have to pay to go out for an RFP on two projects instead of one.  One for renovation, and the other to build new.

CLICK HERE to see the full discussion, under Item 5G.

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