Charlie Angus is the front runner to become the next leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, according to a Mainstreet Research poll.

On July 5, Mainstreet polled NDP donors and names on five past provincial membership lists.

Of the 1,445 members reached, 22.6% supported Angus, 20.4% for Ashton, 7.5% for both Jagmeet Singh and Peter Julian, and 6.1% for Guy Caron. 35.9% said they were unsure about their first choice. Of decided voters, Angus has the support of 35.2%, with Ashton at 31.9%.

Angus extends his lead when you re-distribute the second choice support of Peter Julian, who dropped out Thursday. Angus goes to 24.8% first-choice support, followed by Ashton (18.3 per cent); Caron (9.2 per cent); and Singh (7.3 per cent). Almost four in 10 (36.7 per cent) said they were unsure. The poll is accurate within a margin of error of +/- 2.56 per cent, 19 times out of 20

The NDP leadership race is strictly a one-member, one-vote process. You must have a membership to vote.

Angus says his hard work is paying off. “We said from day one we were going to work hard every day and people appreciate that. I have been travelling across the country and the support is growing.”

Membership deadline is August 17th while voting begins in September.

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