Tuesday night was voting night for “construction ready services” for the proposed Aquatic Centre.

And in the end, the final vote was 7-1 in favour of the $1.2-million dollar agreement with Perkins and Will for detailed design and architectural services. But that one wasn’t just going to let the vote go before continuing his lobbying efforts against the project.

Councillor Joe Campbell reiterated his stance made a couple weeks ago, noting the financial burden this project will have on the city taxpayers.

He says even if they were to get $8-million dollars from upper levels of government and want to debenture the rest, that’s still $40-million dollars.

Campbell adds talking with Infrastructure Ontario, paying back $40-million over a 30 year period would result in a total cost of $69-million dollars.

He says with that, it would add another $2.5-million dollars per year to service the debt accumulated.

Councillor Rick Dubeau was against the vote a couple weeks ago, but was not in attendance to address the matter.

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