Drivers in Timmins may want to get in good habits on the road, even with no police vehicle around.

The city is exploring options into “automated traffic enforcement,” more specifically tackling things like distracted driving and speeding.

Global Traffic Group presented to Timmins city council Tuesday in regards to their system. CEO David Steer says it’s a way to catch people in the act and really emphasize safety first while behind the wheel.

And Steer says any significant violation would be captured and a police officer would hand-deliver the ticket.

This past May, Ontario passed the “Safer School Zones Act” which helps catch speeders in school and community safety zones.

Steer’s hope is that the legislation changes and expands to allow the technology to be used on things like distracted driving, infractions at pedestrian crosswalks, stopping at a stop sign and more.

He adds many of that stuff is video-based and the technology would allow a person to see a video of them committing the infraction.

“(For example, you could) go grab your 16-year old son or daughter by the ear and sit down in the comfort of their own home in front of the computer and watch them going through a stop sign,” he said.

But with that legislation missing, Steer and the Timmins Police will work together on a pilot project that collects traffic data so the city has something to work with in case those changes come about.

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