As deliberations continue over the 2018 city budget, councillors have expressed their pleasure with where they currently sit.

City council learned Wednesday night that the expenditure increase is at just over $1.7-million dollars.

But with the tax MOU change of over $474-thousand dollars, it reduces the number to just over $1.25-million and a percentage increase of 1.81 per cent.

“Damn good starting point sir,” says Councillor Andrew Marks.

That comment is warranted, considering council made a pledge to try and get the budget increase under two per cent.

However, the dollars in this preliminary budget don’t factor in such things as a $200-thousand dollar estimate on a study of the McIntyre Arena and $50-thousand dollars each for water systems in the Connaught Community Centre and the Hoyle Community Centre.

The presentation from Treasurer Jim Howie also outlines some of the major capital projects on the horizon.

Of note, they list the full reconstruction of the Kraft Creek Bridge on Airport Road and the Hollinger grandstands.

CLICK HERE to see the numbers made available by the city.

CLICK HERE to view Wednesday night’s discussion, under Item 2A.

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