Some scary stats from MacLean’s Magazine regarding Timmins.

The latest “Canada’s Most Dangerous Places” Chart has the City with the Heart of Gold ranked 56th among the 229 municipalities measured in the chart.

And in terms of violent crimes, Timmins is ranked 23rd.

They measure these rankings by a Crime Severity Index (CSI) and Violent Crime Severity Index (VCSI) respectively, a Statistics Canada number “of all police-reported crime collected through the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey that takes into consideration both the volume and the seriousness of the crime.”

So for the CSI, Timmins got a 92. By comparison, the national average is 70.96. The top spot went to North Battleford, Saskatchewan at 353.

The VCSI for Timmins was 129, well above the national average of 75.25 but below the 415 that puts Thompson, Manitoba on that list. North Battleford finished just behind them for 2nd with 337.

The ManLean’s list also measured out the crime rate for specific crimes, from homicide, theft, drug offenses and crimes committed by youth. The chart also tells you if it’s better or worse than last year’s numbers.

Among things that are up this year: assault, sexual assault, robbery, impaired driving and cannabis trafficking or production.

Compared to the rest of the north:

  • Sudbury: CSI is 64 (115th); VCSI is 61 (105th)
  • North Bay: CSI is 66 (108th); VCSI is 82 (64th)
  • Sault Ste. Marie: CSI is 77 (81st); VCSI is 63 (99th)
  • Thunder Bay: CSI is 89 (58th); VCSI is 130 (22nd)

CLICK HERE to see the full chart, including how the rest of the cities fared.

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