The strong smell of smoke and fire is in the air over Timmins right now.

According to the Timmins Fire Department, there is no danger to anyone in the city of Timmins, and no fires are active in the immediate area.

The smoke is coming from the area of Elk Lake and is blowing in our direction because of a strong south wind.

According to the MNRF, Timmins 6 is still 62 hectares in size, and is still under control.

There are no new fires in the Timmins area, and there is no danger to Timmins residents because of the smell of smoke in town.

The Timmins Fire Department is aware of the smoke blowing in, and they are assuring media that the city is in no danger of forest fires.

For an interactive map of the forest fires in Ontario, go to the MNRF site here.