The Timmins Flood Advisory Committee and the City of Timmins have issued a watershed conditions statement to residents in regard to current watershed conditions. Rain associated with an approaching low pressure system is affecting portions of Northeastern Ontario. The rain is expected to persist until Thursday morning and may fall heavily at times. Total rainfall amounts of 50 to 65 mm are expected by Thursday morning.

Water levels in most streams and watercourses remain high from the recent rains but are within the seasonal range. If the forecast amount of rain is received, water levels may rise quickly and the runoff will result in faster-flowing waters. The developing conditions should be closely monitored by all residents especially those living in low-lying, hazard areas where overland flooding could become an issue.

Public safety is absolutely the number one priority, especially for children who may be attracted to the edge of creeks or rivers. The fast flowing water must be avoided. Stream banks will be very slippery and unsafe, and must be avoided.

The Timmins Flood Advisory Committee and the City of Timmins will continue monitoring water flows and elevations and will keep the public informed of the situation through further news releases and bulletins. This statement will remain in effect until October 15, 2018.

For further information please contact David Vallier at 360-2660 or visit the http://mrca.timmins.ca/

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