2019 Applications will open Nov 13th 2018! Applications taken at the Sportsplex Arena Foyer Tuesday and Thursday between 9:30 and 1:30 pm

Applicants require 2017 Notice of Assessment for all adults supporting the child until March 15th then you need 2018 Notice of Assessment. All applicants need pay stubs or social assistance stubs for the month prior to the application for all adults supporting the child.  No applications can be faxed or emailed! They must be brought into the office between 9:30 and 1:30 Tuesday and Thursday.

Note dates for applications: APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED for Activities from January 1 – March 31 deadline is December 15.  

Amounts will not be changed or sport changed after the application is adjudicated. All children must be applied for at the same time as will not reopen a family application in the same year after your first application. Applications not accepted after registration of the sport your are applying for is closed.

Parents of applicants must ensure they register their child with the sports organization on their registration dates as no spots are held for Sports for Kids Timmins applicants. Call the organization for registration dates.

When you apply to Sports for Kids Timmins, the registration of the child and the use of the vouchers before the expiry date is the parent’s responsibility.  A follow up email or call is part of the application process so we can collect information.


Sports for Kids Annual Meeting is Monday December 10th at the Sportsplex Foyer at 6:30 pm.  If you are interested in running for the board you must pay a membership before Dec 1st go to the website for the form at www.sportsforkidstimmins.com.


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