Goldcorp continues to spread the holiday cheer for organizations and programs that need the extra support.

Community Living Timmins and the Vic Mahoney Centre are the latest organizations to benefit from donations from Goldcorp. On Friday, Nov. 30th, Goldcorp presented Community Living Timmins with a donation of $45,765. The money will go towards a new 12 x 20 garage at the organization’s Vic Mahoney Centre.

“This new garage will enhance our existing programming,” said Amanda Wessman, Manager of Community Services at Community Living Timmins, “and will allow for new programming such as woodworking, expanding on our gardening program and landscaping repair maintenance groups.”

Community Living Timmins had a woodworking program years ago, and now, with Goldcorp’s help, the program is back by popular demand.

“It was a huge, huge like and interest of a ton of people that we support,” said Wessman, “so we’re able to bring it back.”

The garage space is something that people have wanted for quite a while.

“It’s been a desire of the people that we support for at least eight years now,” Wessman said. “A strong need and a desire of people we support for at least eight years now.”

The new garage is expected to be up and running by the end of this year. Programs will start operating and utilizing the space as soon as it’s ready.

“Immediately,” Wessman said, “As soon as it’s built, the programming starts right away.”

Community Living Timmins supports over 150 individuals with intellectual disabilities in Timmins, as well as their families. This new space will help almost everyone supported by Community Living Timmins.

“This garage will have a benefit to almost every person that we support in one way or another.”



–With files from Timmins Today


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