Northern College is pleased to announce a new entrance bursary program aimed at encouraging potential students to study, stay and play with us.

Any first year student who registers to enroll in a two or three year diploma program for 2019 at Northern College will receive a 1000 dollar entrance bursary that will be applied to their first semester tuition.

“Students come to Northern College for our expert attention, for our quality programs and student success supports,” stated Cam McEachern Executive Director of Student Services, Institutional Research and Registrar at Northern College. “We intend this substantial bursary to get even more people’s attention and remove the financial barrier that might have prevented them to launch –or even re-launch- into the workforce, or toward further specialized studies. “

Northern College recognizes that quality education often comes with a hefty price tag and is more than willing to invest in students who are willing to invest in themselves.

“It’s all about accessibility so regional learners can attend college affordably and leave with great skills for good jobs or further study and ultimately a sound, stable, productive career,” stated McEachern. “They’re the next generation of leaders and we want those leaders to receive their education and training here at Northern College.”

In an increasingly competitive job market it is essential that our future graduates acquire not only the tangible skills and hands on learning, but also successfully acquire the post-secondary documentation to obtain that employment. Northern College is committed to aiding students in achieving these goals, going beyond government funding options to make post-secondary education as tangible as possible for potential students from any financial background.

“At Northern College, we recognize that students drive the success of our institution and we support any effort made to re-invest in those who have invested their time, faith and skills in us, stated college President Fred Gibbons. “When one considers this entrance bursary along with the government’s mandated 10% tuition reduction, families and students can see that Northern College is committed to increasing access to college education and preparing graduates for the highly-skilled, high-demand jobs throughout the region.”

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