The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section is issuing a traffic advisory to all re-routed traffic using Vipond Road, Goldmine Road and sections of routes through Schumacher.

A recent unexpected road closure has caused for westbound traffic on Hwy 101 in Schumacher to be re-routed to Moneta Street while Public Works crews tend to the affected area.

Motorists are reminded that this detour route involves a series of intersections in Schumacher that are controlled by STOP signs and motorists must come to a complete stop at these intersections and only proceed when it is safe to do so.

Additionally, this detour has caused for heavier than usual traffic flows on Moneta, and Goldmine Road. In this instance as well, motorists are reminded that significant sections of Goldmine Road are residential in nature and have reduced speed limits in this area.

These areas will be monitored by Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section officers to ensure compliance with all applicable Highway Traffic Act provisions to enhance traffic safety.

Motorists found to be in violation of the Highway Traffic Act can expect a firm response at the roadside.

As always, the Timmins Police Service would much rather educate than prosecute, but ultimately, the enforcement action taken by our officers is determined by the driver’s behavior in any given circumstance.

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