The Timmins Police Service has charged 5 motorists stemming from incidents of driving on a closed roadway on the affected portion of Norman Street in Timmins.
For obvious safety reasons linked to rising water levels of the Mattagami River, Norman Street was closed as of yesterday afternoon, by the Timmins Police Service.
Despite clearly erected barricades, some motorists have opted to place themselves at risk by breaching the perimeter and proceeding onto the closed section of roadway with their vehicles.

Two of these motorists ended up in the ditch and had to have their vehicles removed by means of a tow truck or some other form of roadside assistance.
Yesterday, a 62-year-old female driver became stuck in the ditch of the closed portion of Norman Street.
She has been charged under section 134(3) of the Highway Traffic Act for Drive on Closed Highway. Three other motorists were charged under similar circumstances which entails a monetary fine and demerit points upon conviction.

A fifth driver became stuck in the same affected area and had his vehicle removed by a private contractor.
This driver as well has been charged with the applicable section of the Highway Traffic Act.
This road closure remains in full effect. The objective is to preserve public safety.
Full compliance is required of all motorists until the situation improves and the roadway can be re-opened.

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