To create a clear snapshot of local business confidence, the Timmins Chamber of Commerce has released Timmins Business Confidence Survey: 2019 Business Climate, a policy survey whose purpose is to provide the Chamber, City Council and interested parties with the business community’s outlook for 2019. Built by the Chamber in consultation with its Municipal Affairs Committee, the survey is designed to gauge business current satisfaction with city services in key areas crucial to their operation. Results will be compiled in a report that will outline their most pressing recommendations for building a strong economic future.
“Your Chamber wants to ensure that the climate in our municipality is business friendly and these results will help us work collaboratively with City Hall to identify areas for improvement for your business,” said Val Venneri, First Vice-President of the Chamber and Chair of the Municipal Affairs Committee.
“By sharing our members’ top municipal priorities, we trust the survey results will seek to help municipal council clearly understand the specific interests of our businesses and truly create a strong, sustainable future.”
The survey is open to any member of the business community and will run until June 7. To take part in the survey, and lend your voice to this important research effort, click the link below. https://tinyurl.com/TimminsBusinessConfidence2019

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