In keeping with Police Week 2019, the Timmins Police is issuing crime prevention oriented tips to the general public.
With the warmer spring weather and prolonged daylight that comes along with it, petty criminals are taking advantage of property owners by means of thefts from vehicles and storage units.
With the above in mind, the Timmins Police Service is issuing a crime prevention advisory focusing on the standardized message of “Lock It or Lose It”

In regards to thefts from vehicles, owners must make an effort to lock their vehicles even if they are only going to be parked at a given location briefly.
Thefts from unlocked vehicles are deemed to be a crime of opportunity. Small, yet valuable items, like cell phones, i-pads, or things of that nature, should not be stored in a vehicle for any longer than necessary.
If they must be carried in your vehicle, and the Timmins Police Service advises against this practice, they should be hidden from sight, as not to entice petty criminals.

Purses left in plain sight in a vehicle serve as an enticement to thieves as well. Purses should be carried with you or stored in the trunk, if you are going to be absent from your vehicle for any period of time.
The name of the game is to reduce enticement for these night crawlers and other petty thieves.
If it is valuable, it should be treated as such, and not stored in your vehicle.
In regards to thefts from sheds and garages, a locked door sends a firm message but there are other simple measures that will reduce the likelihood of being a victim of theft.

Access points should have quality locking devices, such as a dead bolt, installed and in use to deter thefts.
Use curtains on any garage and basement windows to prevent your property from being noticed by those persons lurking in your neighborhoods with prying eyes Proper lighting or motion sensor lighting will deter illicit activity on your property. Citizens are reminded that daylight break-ins do in fact occur
Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed. Even if it is for a short time, the benefit of locking your doors is unmistakable.

Leave lights on, or a radio playing (talk radio station preferred) when you go out. If you are going to be away for a length of time, connect lighting to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day.
Keep your garage door closed and locked, even when home. If you do leave your garage door open and it is an attached garage – lock the door into the house.

Discontinue daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers build up while you are away. Arrange with the Post Office to hold your mail, or arrange for a friend or neighbor to collect it regularly.
Arrange for your lawn to be mowed if you are going away for an extended time.
Check your locks on doors and windows and replace them with secure devices as necessary
Sliding glass doors are vulnerable. Special locks are available to enhance your security. Even a wooden dowel or a track blocker will help prevent the door from opening.

If you are going on vacation, have someone you trust make routine checks on your property and make it so your residence looks occupied.
Lawn mowers, snow blowers, barbecues and bicycles are best stored out of sight in a locked shed or garage. Adopt the habit of always locking your shed or garage.

Never leave notes on your door that indicate you are not home. Well intentioned, these notes tend to serve as an invitation to petty thieves. Thieves typically go for the easiest target they can find. These are not sophisticated criminals by any means so whatever measures a property owner takes on to “harden the target” so that the risk of being seen or caught is greater, will likely cause your neighborhood petty thief to move on to an easier target.
The Timmins Police urge local property owners to do what easily can be done to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime by adhering to simple and reliable security practices.

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