The Timmins Police Service responded to a call for service this morning regarding an injured bear in the Laforest Road area of Timmins.
Responding Timmins Police Service officers located the injured animal and, having taken public safety concerns into account, humanely dispatched the animal.
The Timmins Police Service was made aware that the bear had been struck by a vehicle earlier in the day. , The prospect of the animal recovering from the severity of injury and surviving was deemed to be an unlikely prospect. In keeping with established protocols, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry was made aware of this occurrence.
The Timmins Police Service wish to take this opportunity to make motorists aware that they can expect to encounter larger forms of wildlife in the outlying area of Timmins.
This is particularly true during the hours of dusk and dawn when visibility is poor.
Driving with an added measure of attentiveness and in keeping with the posted speed limits in the rural areas surrounding the city of Timmins will benefit the driver and his or her passengers in terms of personal safety.
Furthermore, animal behavior is unpredictable. Motorists encountering an animal at the roadside should slow to a controlled stop, deploy your hazard lights to advise approaching traffic of the road hazard posed by the animal, and allow the animal to make its way safely to the tree line. Frightening the animal with your horn is not recommended.

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