Hockey is a rich part of our history in the City of Timmins and for one team, the Timmins Northstars, the story continues to be told, with past members hosting a reunion at the McIntyre Arena.

When: August 17, 2019 at 7 pm
Where: The McIntyre Arena
What: Open House to all supporter and friends
Cost: A voluntary donation to the Timmins Rock Hockey Club

In 1973, a group of individuals led by Joe Campbell and the late Bill Moffat, decided to approach the Mattagami League and see if they would be interested in forming an Intermediate A league with Timmins hosting an additional team. Later that year, the Northland Intermediate Hockey League (NIHL) was formed and play began the following year.  The Timmins team took shape and was called the Northstars. The reason it was called the Northstars is because the first half season, the team had no uniforms and basically no money – so Rick Young, who had come on board as an executive member, loaned the Kidd Creek North Star sweaters and socks until the team could outfit itself.

During their 11-year history, the Northstars captured eight league championship, (1975-76-77-78-80-81-82-83) and six NOHA championships (1976-77-78-80-81-83), three All-Ontario Championships (1980-81-83) and one Eastern Canada Championship in 1983, which led to All-Canadian finals in Winnipeg the same year when the team was coached by former NHL player and Coach Bep Guidolin.

For more information on the event contact:
Brian Beyer: 705-235-5628
Rick Stefanich: 705-235-5620
Steve Kidd: 705-274-1173

In addition to the Open House, the alumni will also be hosting a social on Saturday with a supper buffet, and a Sunday brunch for players, team management, trainers and anyone directly association with the team. Pre-registration is required. Please mail registration cheques of $65, payable to:
Rick Stefanich
204 Rekela St. N
Porcupine ON

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