As Northern College wraps up the 2018 academic year, it is celebrating the success of its
Integrated Emergency Services Complex’s first year of classes.
A commemorative plaque was unveiled to thank those responsible for the design, construction and
program development that has allowed the new facility to meet its goal of becoming a unique teaching
and training tool in the province.

“We have been told that any emergency services agency would be proud to have a facility of this quality
to train in and we have it right here in Timmins,” said Northern College Board of Governors Chair George

“This facility will be full of students and a fair component of those will be international students
who will come here to be trained in world class facilities by world class instructors.”

Pirie went on to state that investments in training and education like this, will further cement healthy,
stable economic diversity into the northern Ontario economy.
The unveiling of this plaque commemorates the completion of a 13-year journey for Northern College,
and the realization of its commitment to excellence in education. Providing students with the latest in
experiential, hands on learning to produce unparalleled graduates and working professionals.

“It took vision, it took aspiration and it took belief and commitment from a lot of people to keep this
idea alive,” said Northern College President & CEO Fred Gibbons. “Now we have this wonderful building
that has grown beyond our expectations.”

The idea was carried through the tenure of several board of governors members, an example of what
Gibbons calls a dedicated focus on student centered learning – A focus that is already being felt by those
students and the faculty who instruct them.
“Each program has their own designated classrooms, labs and garages where our amazing faculty have
the physical space and resources at their disposal to elevate student experiential learning to a whole
new level,” stated Professor Mary Lindsay. “The state of the art equipment has improved student
motivation and provides them with new avenues for learning and solidifying their skills. Students from
the three different programs cross paths on a daily basis and it fosters a more unified and respectful
interdisciplinary atmosphere.”

As Northern College approaches its second academic year utilizing the new facility, the larger potential
of this state of the art teaching tool is becoming clearer.
“The development of the Integrated Emergency Services Complex is the pinnacle of incorporating the concept of experiential learning into emergency services post-secondary learning,” stated Northern College’s Dean of Health Sciences and Emergency Services Sarah Campbell. “It is the first academic facility in Canada to house working Emergency Services professionals alongside the students that are hoping to fill those roles in the future. The IESC makes Northern College a centre of excellence in Emergency Services Training – both on a national and international level.”

CUTLINE: Northern College commemorates a successful first year for the Integrated Emergency Services Complex at its Timmins Campus with a plaque celebrating those that helped to make this unique, state of the art facility possible. From left to right: Northern College President & CEO Fred Gibbons, Board Member Mitch Dumas, Board Chair George Pirie, Board Members Domenic Rizzuto, Doug Walsh, Eric Poulin, Lois Kozak, Jeff Molyneaux and Bill Allan.

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