Everyone has a dream or a goal they want to achieve. Whether its in sports, arts, music, or anything else you can think of; having some support while you’re on the journey to achieving that goal is always nice to have.

Micheline Bussière has set herself a goal, and would like to achieve it, but needs your support. Bussière has always been into fitness and keeping active, but once she became pregnant she says that all came to a stop. Now she’s back into it and has entered a contest where she has a chance to be on the cover of a North American Muscle and Fitness magazine, as Miss Muscle and Fitness 2019.

” I got the email last weekend, and I’m glad I was sitting down when I received the news it was so crazy.” -said Bussière when she found out she had made the top 30 list for the cover of this magazine.

This all began by an add she read online, and initially didn’t think much of it when she first applied for it, but now it’s beginning to sink in. You may remember Valérie Demers who is now Miss North Ontario, she didn’t think much of it either when she signed herself up for the Miss North Ontario Pageant, but ended up coming away with the win. Who knows Bussière may very well be next to take home a prestigious title…

photo taken from: Valérie Demers Miss North Ontario 2019 Facebook Page

It turns out the situation is very similar to what Demers had to go through. It’s a voting process. Bussière is currently in the 16th spot right now for that cover title, and needs your votes in order to win.

” There is a link on my Facebook page where you can go ahead and vote, either by making a donation or by voting every 24 hours.”

Link to cast your vote: https://mshealthandfitness.com/2019/micheline-bussi-re?fbclid=IwAR1KFFcAZLeXKZX_rmtKvIicjDEgl4FaEjPYqndsbVocMCT-gQHAb0yZroU

” Ultimately the contest is about the promotion of feeling good about yourself, nutrition, and just to be able to have self confidence.”

Timmins you were able to help one Timmins girl achieve her goal, so why not help another?

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