The Build a bike initiative program. It’s a program that is run by Timmins Police every year where they ask local school teachers from each school to select one grade 5 student who has been a good person all year round. Then the student is given a list of good deeds by Timmins police, and they have a timeline to complete it. Each good deed builds up towards a brand new bike. Trevor Lamarche a grade five student from École Don Bosco is one of the 15 students who received a bike for all of his good deeds he completed in the community.

Photo of Grade 5 Student Trevor Lamarche From École Don Bosco. Photo taken by: Alain Quevillon (ROGERS MEDIA)

” It’s important to be a good person and do good deeds. Not everyone is polite; If I randomly got a million dollars I would donate it to charity.” -Said Lamarche.

He along with many other students from other schools had a total of 30 tasks to complete; tasks like: make your bed, do your homework, be polite, staying active, and last but not least pick up trash that was left behind near the Timmins Museum. Every single student successfully completed the tasks, and all were quick to point out that it wasn’t that hard, and it certainly didn’t hurt. So, their reward from Timmins Police and Canadian Tire… a brand new bike.

Lamarche also added that he encourages other people to do good deeds, because little things like these tasks make a difference, not just at home or school, but in the community. Lamarche and the rest of these students are now ready to enjoy summer and their new ride.


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