Have you ever wanted to skate outside in July?  Now you can!

A new off-season hockey training program is being introduced at the Downtown Timmins Urban Park next week.  Practice skating on the mobile unit set up by Old Time Hockey Development owner Kevin Walker.

Walker is a former captain with the Timmins Major and Abitibi Eskimos, and recently played 3 years of professional hockey in Sweden.

” We are an off-ice hockey development program for younger kids. We are going to be focusing on off-ice skill training like: shooting, stick handling, and foot-work mechanics. We really want to be building leaders within individuals, and not just make them better hockey players,” said Walker.

Walker says this off-season is more of a trial run to see how many kids are interested.  Walker’s synthetic ice sheet will be set up next week in Downtown Timmins as part of the weekly Urban Park.  For more information, check out  OldTimeHockeyDevelopment on Facebook.


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