The Timmins North Stars are a hockey team that have been a part of the Timmins Sports community for almost 40 years. Many have had the chance to wear that one of a kind green, yellow, and white jersey. Many have built friendships that are still going strong to this day. Unfortunately, some who have worn the jersey have also passed on.

High school reunions have been a thing for quite some time; it’s a chance to catch up with old friends/classmates. Hockey reunions are a thing as well… it’s called “Beer League”. All kidding aside, North Stars Alumni have gathered, and have decided that it’s time they reconnected with some old friends/teammates.

On Saturday August 17 the North Stars will host their first reunion. The reunion will be taking place at the McIntyre Curling Club, and will feature a player only dinner taking place at 5pm, followed by a panel of alumni that will look back on their fondest memories of wearing the North Star crest. Then at 7pm the club will be open for the public to come and check out some old gear, photo’s and more. The cost of admission is simple… it’s a voluntary donation.

The North Stars have also teamed up with the Timmins Rock, and will be holding a silent auction, and there is a chance that some of the Rock roster could make an appearance. It’s a night where old teammates can reconnect, and where old stories can inspire current or future North Stars players. Once a North Star… Always a North Star.

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