A dream that faced many obstacles, has once again become a reality. Dale Morrish is the Owner and operator of the new business featured in the downtown core that goes by the name of “Artsie.”  She and her husband are celebrating their grand opening, and you wouldn’t be able to wipe their smiles off of their faces even if you tried really hard.

” I’m feeling pretty excited, and I’m very honoured to be in the downtown Timmins area. This has always been my dream, we were open in the pass, but I fell ill and had to close down, but I battled the “C” and now we are back.” -Said Morrish.

The point of this store for Morrish, is to be able to sell her products like, paintbrushes, paint, or custom frames; It’s also to give people a chance to try out the world of art, and to have the chance to display other people’s arts.

” If people want to bring down their work I’d be happy to hang it in our store, so that other people can see the art work of other’s.” Morrish added.

The store hours will be 9-5pm from Tuesday-Saturday, and she is also planning to eventually start teaching art classes for people who are thinking of getting back into art or for people that want to try something new/different.

Morrish made sure to add that, she can’t take all of the credit for this special day, and that this wouldn’t have been made possible if it weren’t for her husband and family.

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