With public safety in mind, the Timmins Police Service is reminding motorists of their legal obligations when approaching or coming upon any school buses with their red lights flashing and their STOP arm activated.
These items are in use to allow children to safely get aboard or disembark from a school bus.
All drivers have a legal and ethical obligation to be observant and comply with the pertinent sections of the Highway Traffic Act that apply to these situations.

Hefty fines, demerit points and in some cases driver’s license suspensions serve as potential penalties as a deterrent for those who choose to disregard their driving responsibilities.
Officers from the Timmins Police Service will be vigilant in regards to any traffic incidents where the safety of a child is jeopardized with any form of aggressive driving related to school buses when they are engaged in the taking on or disembarking school children.

Failure to comply with the legal obligations of coming to a complete stop for a school bus with its safety equipment in use will be met with a stern response at the roadside. Where evidence exists to sustain a charge under the Highway Traffic Act, that charge will be laid against the violating driver.

Timmins Police Service’s Traffic Sergeant Tom Chypyha adds “School bus drivers have the responsibility of transporting our community’s children safely to and from school. The safety of school children reaching their destination safely is a responsibility all motorists share. The Timmins Police Service Traffic Section will do its part to enhance school bus safety; motorists must do their part as well.”

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