For the 4th year in a row, TFEC is happy to report Rock On The River is a success!
And continues to grow into the premier summer event for the Timmins area.
The Committee wishes to thank our volunteers, sponsors, attendees and local media for their
contributions to the Festival. With their help we were able to hit some high points worth
celebrating this year, including:
• Corporate Sponsorship up by almost 40% vs 2018
• Overall attendance up vs 2018
• Almost 500 more attendees on Friday vs 2018
• Over $500 raised for local non profit organizations

“TFEC’s Child Entry Fee for children under the age of 10 allowed parents to use a ‘pay what
you can’ system for their kids tickets with full proceeds going to the YMCA and Yo! Mobile. It’s
important for TFEC to keep Rock On The River an affordable event for the whole family to
enjoy, so we leave it up to them to pay what they want, whether it’s 25 cents or 25 dollars for
their children’s tickets. The fact Timmins raised over $500 for the community just by bringing
their kids to a concert is a testament to this City’s willingness to give back, so thank you! It
really shows the community spirit surrounding our event” – John Olaveson, TFEC Chair

Next summer marks the 5th anniversary of Rock On The River. If Timmins wants it to be as big as
TFEC wants it to be, there’s a number of ways residents can get involved or show their support:
• Reach out and become a volunteer
• Come on board a sponsor, whether in kind or cash
• Follow us on social media
• Mention your support of Rock On The River to your local councilor
• If you haven’t attended Rock On The River, let us know why! This is YOUR event
• Let us know which bands YOU want us to book – we read every comment
Thank you for your support and watch for details on our next fundraiser.

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