**sent in by a listener**

Very cool.  By happenchance, I saw a bird fly into our backyard Feb. 17th late afternoon and roost above one of our back feeders.  I was unsure what species it was so grabbed the binocs – a small owl!  After my wife and I viewed it for a bit through the binocs and took a few blurry photos, we confirmed it is a northern saw-whet owl.  We saw it fly to two different roosts near different feeders, and mostly it had its head down towards the snow covered ground.  Its favourite are deer mice, and we suspect that perhaps this owl has been successful here before and was waiting for dinner to arrive (i.e., for mice to feed on the scattered seeds on top of the snow).

Northern Saw-whet Owl https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Northern_Saw-whet_Owl/overview

Well, this morning Feb. 18th, this small owl was still roosting in one of our tamarack trees, and allowed me to get close for some good photos

Peter Davis
South Porcupine
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