With basketball’s March Madness canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Barstool Sports took the liberty of creating a 64-tune Taylor Swift bracket to determine the country-pop princess’ best song ever!

Check the link for all 64 entries; here’s how the elite songs (regional seeds in parentheses) fared en route to the crowning of a champion:

Elite Eight:
“Our Song” (8) vs. “Long Live” (15)

“Fifteen” (8) vs. “Lover” (3)

“Eyes Open” (13) vs. “All Too Well” (6)

“Mean” (8) vs. “Blank Space” (2)

Final Four:

“Our Song” (8) vs. “Lover” (3)

“All Too Well” (6) vs. “Blank Space” (2)


“All Too Well” (6) vs. “Blank Space (2)

Champion: “All Too Well” (6)


Many fans even did their own brackets, with plenty different results!

What’s your favourite Taylor Swift tune?

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