You’ve heard the pleas, you must distance yourself physically from others when you’re forced to leave your house.

Looks like New York got the memo:

Like many places across the globe, New York City has closed down many non-essential businesses and offices in the city, including City Hall’s Marriage Bureau.

A couple who had planned a wedding for the Fall were concerned they’d have to hold off on tying the knot, and also miss out on shared health care benefits.

Instead they did something a little unorthodox…

On Friday, Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler walked 10 blocks from their apartment to friend Matthew Allen Wilson’s building.

Wilson, who’s an ordained wedding officiant, married them while leaning out his apartment window four stories up while his wife took photos from another window.

Other friends served as witnesses while standing a safe distance away from the couple on the street.

Afterwards, Wheeler says, “A couple of our friends sent us Domino’s gift cards because there’s a Domino’s right outside our window… Another couple friends sent us Champagne, so we had some pizza and Champagne when we got home.”

I hope all weddings during our current global climate are this cute!

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