According to some retailers, the sale of work shirts is on the rise! But the same can’t be said for work pants…

Communicating via video call is a new reality for many white-collar workers who are sequestered at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many have decided to do away with pants in this new era of working from home though!

Amy Rothwell tells the Wall Street Journal that she “had to do a conference call with no pants on last week because [her] toddler fell in a puddle,” covering her in mud. Meanwhile, her husband, who’s an auditor, “has to wear a shirt and tie for work, so he will wear the shirt and tie with boxers” while working from home!

Nick Puschnig, a 37-year-old Milwaukee accountant, revealed that he took the “business on top, party down low” look a step further by tweeting, “Not gonna lie—I have a meeting today that I have to Skype in for and I’m very excited to do it while wearing a dress shirt and no pants!”

Maybe you’ve tried something like this to give your coworkers a laugh:

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