What do you need for your time in self isolation? Perhaps you could use a nice cold beer like this lady!

Last week on Twitter, KDKA-TV shared a photo of 93-year-old Seminole, Pennsylvania, resident Olive Veronesi holding a Coors Light can in one hand and a sign reading, “I need more beer,” in the other.

On Sunday, Coors Light responded to sports reporter Darren Rovell’s retweet of KDKA’s now-viral photo by promising to send the sheltered-in-place Veronesi some smooth-sippin’ Silver Bullet.

“Olive asked, and beer is on its way!” the beer brand tweeted.

Before she knew it, 150 cans of cold Coors was waiting for her on her front step!

For her part, Veronesi tells KDKA, “I have a beer every night. You want some?

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