During this mornings update from the Porcupine Health Unit, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lianne Catton, gave the news that the Covid-19 outbreaks at the Timmins and District Hospital and Spruce Hill Lodge are over. But, with good news like this and certain restrictions being lifted, it doesn’t mean we can stop following public health measures.

“We cannot stop the good work that we’ve been doing. We need to continue the good work that we have been doing to reduce the spread of COVID-19 especially, as we see increased opportunities for people to be out in the community and as we see some businesses and now parks being open. We need to remain extremely dedicated and committed to ensuring that we are taking the steps necessary to reduce any spread of COVID-19.” Dr. Lianne Catton

Catton, later added that the Porcupine Health Unit still strongly recommends people to stay home as much as possible, unless it’s for essential purposes, and she urges the community and the region to continue following the public health measures that are in place.

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