In keeping with the safety oriented goals identified in Canada Road Safety Week, the Timmins Police Service was engaged in a number of traffic safety initiatives that were focused on enhancing road safety during this national campaign.

This past weekend, members of Platoon # 3 conducted several traffic initiatives throughout the city of Timmins.
As a result, 59 Provincial Offence Notices (PON) were issued along with several verbal warnings.
Twenty of these PON’S were issued by means of an officer making effective use of the Timmins Police Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Traffic enforcement attention was devoted to those identified areas where collisions are most prone to occur within the city and included Algonquin Blvd, Hwy 101 – Schumacher area, Jubilee Avenue, Ross Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Government Road South and Crawford Street in South Porcupine.

In all, the following were noted: 30 speeding offences, 9 seatbelt offences, 11 document violations, 2 Off Road Vehicles Act violations, 1 use cell phone while driving offence, 1 make unnecessary noise violation, 3 stop sign – fail to stop offences, 1 red light – fail to stop offence and finally, 1 drive without proper headlights – motor vehicle.

Timmins Police Service officers spent over 2 hours conducting traffic enforcement on Government South, and no offences were observed during this span of time.

Comprised within the totals above, 4 speeding offence, 2 seatbelt offences and a cell phone usage offence resulted in charges under the Highway Traffic Act in the area of Jubilee and its continuation onto Ross Avenue.

As for Eighth Avenue, 2 seatbelt Provincial Offence Notices were issued leaving the vast majority of the remaining PON’s being issued in relation to offences on Algonquin Blvd and Hwy 101.

In addition, throughout the weekend, Timmins Police constables devoted manpower and resources towards several seatbelt awareness initiatives.

These were conducted on Jubilee and Ross, Eighth Avenue, Shirley Street, Theriault Boulevard, King Street in Porcupine and Crawford Street in South Porcupine.

These officers stopped over 500 vehicles and issued 6 seatbelt related offence notices over the weekend.
One motorist was particularly impressed with the traffic safety initiatives undertaken on Crawford Street and dropped off coffee and donuts to the involved officers.(photo included –name withheld)

This is part and parcel of the entirety of efforts undertaken seriously by the Timmins Police Service during this national safety campaign.

A thorough analysis of all traffic statistics linked to this campaign is underway and will be forwarded to the public once completed.

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