Just as the hot weather system moved back into Northern Ontario, Ford’s government moved us further into Stage 2 by opening up outdoor dining for local restaurants … that means PATIOS!


Gather your social circle (and maybe some sunscreen) and head to Boston Pizza, Wacky Wings, Full Beard Brewing Co. to name a few.  AND there’s even better news!  This week Newmont Porcupine announced a patio project to help some of our local restaurants open pop-up patios.  Starting next week, Aline’s Tea Shop, Northern Lights Fauxmagerie, Lady Luck Restaurant, Golden Dragon, Pine Dairy Bar, Osaka Sushi, Pita Pit, and the Sushi Shop will all open up outdoor dining!  If this news makes you feel like dancing, don’t.  Ontario has banned singing and dancing on patios.  Have you ever seen someone break out into song or dance on a patio?  We hope this becomes a thing once we’re post – post – pandemic.


What do we recommend?  Make a reservation.  Prepare to be patient.  Order apps always (and dessert if you’re extra).  When the temp hits 31, a patio feels like a perfect dinner option.


Happy Summer!