This last weekend was a HOT one!

I’m talking no sheets on the bed, tossing and turning, sweaty mess hot.

When I see Air Conditioners at the big box stores in town I think “Gee, that would be nice,” but my wallet says “please no!”

Here’s a few tips to help you keep your house cool without a $500 A/C unit!\

1. Box Fans in the Window!

If you happen to have a spare box fan and you want to properly vent a particular part of the house, place it in a window and have the fan suck hot air OUT of your house and into the world, it will help regulate the heat, especially on a higher floor as heat rises.

2. Keep the blinds drawn!

Natural light is great, but it can warm up your house on a hot day! I’ve got some blackout curtains and they are a life saver (I have had to move my indoor plants to the kitchen where they get more sun, but it’s a price I have to pay to have a cool living room.)

3. Invest in breathable sheets!

To keep you cool and comfortable through the night, cotton and bamboo sheets offer light and breezy coverage in the bed department.

If you’re looking for more suggestions you can find some HERE.