On those beautiful sunny days, most of us want to get out on the water to use our boats. Just remember that any vessel being underway that has any type of motor, requires the operator to possess a valid Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) or proof of competency equivalence.

Personal Watercrafts (PWC) are becoming more common. No persons under 16 years of age are permitted to operate a PWC, regardless of supervision. The operator may face a $125 fine and the owner who permitted the operation may face a $350 fine.

“Safety is paramount for all lake uses – boaters, kayakers, swimmers, etc. These rules are in place for a reason. Persons under 16 years old may lack the marine experience required to operate a jet propelled water craft. These operate differently than an outboard motor driven vessel” says Sergeant Andre Chenier of the South Porcupine Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).


Horsepower and age restrictions:


  • Under 12yrs may operate a boat up to 10 horsepower (hp)
  • 12-16yrs may operate a boat with up to 40hp
  • Under 16yrs, regardless of supervision shall NOT operate a PWC (see doo, jet skis)
  • 16yrs and older, there are no horsepower restrictions


The South Porcupine OPP would like to remind operators there is a zero tolerance for alcohol consumption while underway and lifejacket or Personal Floatation Device (PFD) compliance. 


 Remember, impaired operation on the water carries the same fines and penalties as on the highway. Help keep our waterways safe for everyone.


Should you observe a suspected impaired driver, please call 911 or contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.

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