Recorded and produced while social distancing, 20 Canadian singer-songwriters have come together to cover Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now.’ For the first month of its release, Blue Jay Sessions will be donating all proceeds from streams and sales to Community Food Centres Canada -a charity that offers programs and community hubs to combat health issues, poverty and food insecurity. Check out the video and listening to the amazing song!
Performers (in order of appearance): Brettyn Rose, Desiree Dorion, Michael Daniels, Lyndsay Butler, Mariya Stokes, Alex Hughes, Matt Blais, Liz, Julianna Laine, Devin Cooper, Annika Cheyne, Aaron Pollock, Shantaia, The Dungarees, Ryan Lindsay, Brandi Sidoryk, Katie Rox
Guitar: Ryan Davidson
Producers: Ethan Burke, Dan Clapson
Single artwork: Julianna Laine