The Timmins Police Service is issuing a public safety advisory in light of the school
year set to begin shortly. School buses will soon be a significant presence on area roadways.

Motorists are reminded of their legal obligation to come to a complete stop when approaching or
meeting any school bus with its red lights flashing and its STOP arm activated.

These safety features are deployed when a school bus is stopped to allow for children to get
aboard or disembark from a school bus.

Drivers have the legal and ethical requirement to be alert and observant when approaching any
school bus from any direction and to comply with the pertinent sections of the Highway Traffic
Act that apply to those circumstances.

Hefty fines, demerit points and, in some cases, suspensions of driver’s licences can serve as
potential penalties for those found to be in contravention and actively disregard their legal

The Timmins Police Service will be monitoring traffic in key areas and in the vicinity of area
schools in search of motorists who are in violation of speed limits or engaging in aggressive
driving in regards to school buses.

The Timmins Police Service and the children who are aboard school buses in our community
are counting on drivers to exercise patience and good judgement at all times when approaching
a school bus.

Motorists found to be in violation of the Highway Traffic Act can expect a firm but fair response
at the roadside from the Timmins Police Service with very little prospect of leniency.

Timmins Police Service – Traffic Sergeant Thomas Chypyha adds “The safety of school children
reaching their intended destination is a responsibility that all motorists share. Timmins Police
officers will address any violations vigilantly. Our obligation is a clear one and we treat the
safety of children as a priority issue.

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