COVID-19 zapped the box office for most of 2020.  Some of the planned releases ended up on streaming services . . . but a LOT of movies were just bumped back to 2021.

“The Hollywood Reporter” has a rundown of 20 movies that have been rescheduled for this year.  But these new dates may also change . . . since no one knows how and when people will return to theaters.


Here’s the list, along with their latest release dates:



1.  “Coming 2 America”, March 5th.  The sequel to the 1988 original.


2.  “The King’s Man”, March 12th.  The third movie in the “Kingsman” series.


3.  “Morbius”, March 19th.  The “Spider-Man” spin-off starring Jared Leto.


4.  “No Time to Die”, April 2nd.  The 25th James Bond movie.


5.  “A Quiet Place, Part 2”, April 23rd.  The sequel to “A Quiet Place”.


6.  “Black Widow”, May 7th.  The Marvel movie starring Scarlett Johansson.


7.  “Free Guy”, May 21st.  The sci-fi action-comedy starring Ryan Reynolds.


8.  “Godzilla Vs. Kong”, May 21st.  Before it was postponed, Netflix reportedly offered more than $200 million for it.


9.  “Spiral”, May 21st.  The “Saw” reboot starring Chris Rock.


10.  “F9”, May 28th.  The next movie in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.


11.  “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”, June 11th.  The new movie which will feature cameos by most of the surviving original cast members.


12.  “In the Heights”, June 18th.  It’s based on the 2007 Lin-Manuel Miranda musical about a bodega owner.


13.  “Top Gun: Maverick”, July 2nd.  The sequel to the 1986 original.


14.  “Jungle Cruise”, July 30th.  It’s based on the Disneyland ride.


15.  “Candyman”, August 27th.  The “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 horror movie.


16.  “Death on the Nile”, September 17th.  It’s based on an Agatha Christie story.


17.  “Dune”, October 1st.  It’s the latest movie based on the 1965 sci-fi novel.


18.  “Halloween Kills”, October 15th.  The follow-up to the 2018 revival.


19.  “Eternals”, November 5th.  The Marvel movie starring Angelina Jolie.


20.  “West Side Story”, December 10th.  Steven Spielberg directed it.

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